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When weighing up the factors in selecting the right material's to incorperate in your home whether they be costings, quality, aesthetic,value, and practicality these decisions can have a huge bearing on the finished outcome.


The design and material of a door is an important facet of the overall decor. A door plays a pivital role in your home and hence should fulfil its purpose. The purpose of internal door's are to maintane privacy, in the case of external door's it is to keep heat in and safeguard the house. Because of this it is important to choose the correct material, hardwoods are a great choice and a well tested one is solid oak.


Solid oak doors are fantastic in many ways. Although you will find many other options on the market like UPVC and cheap engineered doors, neither are as puposeful and rigid as a solid oak door. Below is five reasons for choosing a solid oak door:



Solid oak doors are far stronger than cheaper UPVC and engineered doors. These doors stand the test of time. If correctly treated solid oak doors should last a lifetime providing years of solid service. This obviously has a knock on effect when moving forward as the door will still be in use long after a cheaper alternative has been replaced.

** The reason is that cheap material doors perforate easily, UPVC and engineered doors can blow within a few years as the internal hollow cavity expands and contracts with the changing seasons.



Solid oak internal and external doors are less likely to chip, crack or dent like other doors. If this was to happen then there is no hollow cavity meaning any dent stays as a small dent and doesnt build to become a hole over time. When installed with the right set of hinges and iron mongery a solid oak door will hold up against rough use as well as potential accidents.



Non solid oak doors either have open gaps in the internal core or cheap filler is used, which is not as solid as that of an oak door. Why is the internal core important? It is essential as it defines the strngth of the door and therefore the rigidity of it. A solid internal core is also essential for resistance against burglary and fire.



Solid oak doors offer a blank canvas to work with. The raw door would look great as it is but with the option to paint it in the colour of your choice the possibilities are endless. If you prefer the original beauty of the door then you always have the option to apply a clear finish of oil to bring the grain and colour out of the timber.

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